Mar 12, 2010

Wiggle Wiggle

There is nothing that makes you feel more confident about your current workout routine than having your almost 2 year old (who insists on being in the bathroom with you when you have a shower) point at you and all your "problem" areas as you are about to step into the shower and say "Wiggle wiggle" then give you a pat on the bum and add, "Take a shower mama. See you in a few minutes."
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  1. That is hilarious. When I was pregnant my five year old would randomly tell me "wow mama the baby is really growing". I guess it was her nice way of telling me that I was getting huge.

  2. Now that is funny!!!! My son likes to push on my "problem areas" too!!

  3. My daughter does the same! I still have the flabby stomach from being pregnant and she tells me about it all the time. Kids are annoying that way ;)

  4. ha ha!! Well...don't we love how honest our children are. I have a really funny story with my 3 yr old, but not sure it is appropriate to share--LOL!! My sisters, my mom, and I laughed all day about it yesterday.

  5. My daughter told me today that my butt wiggles when she touches it...Kids....They are so sweet!

    Gotta love em


  6. Oh how I know about that. my twins had a discussion about the size of my butt. they are 4. it was not pretty.


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