Apr 15, 2010

She's two!!!

It happened-today April 15th Small Fry turned 2. I can't believe it. When she was born I wasn't sure how we were even going to make it through 1 year-I felt overwhelmed and unsure of myself as a mother and look at us now-we've made it-she's two and I am more in love with her than I ever was before. She is super smart, funny, sassy, sweet, impatient and demanding, energetic, imaginative and playful. She is a good helper when she wants to be and a daddy's girl through and through. The weight of my responsibility for this little life hangs on my shoulders heavier with each passing day as I know that my husband and I have been placed in charge of raising this amazing girl and I don't want to mess anything up- though I know I do all the time. Isn't it great how forgiving and forgetful little children are. Well she is just adored I must tell you. We had her party yesterday and she had a blast. Today she has been telling me that she doesn't want it to be her birthday any more so I told her that any other presents that come her way are going to be mine. I am sure she will change her mind later on. Here are some of the highlights of our 2 year old birthday bliss:
This is how she shows how old she is
A little turkey
Chilling out like I always tell her to do
Today I took her out to lunch for her birthday
We had pizza
Eating her birthday Elmo cupcakes
This is while everyone was singing Happy Birthday. When they were done she said, "one more time."
With her presents
She loves this present
Grandma and Grandpa gave her a swing set for her birthday and she loves it. She said, "Look everybody, my new swing set."
It has a little trampoline on the side
We had to do some major renovations to set this up. Stay tuned for that post.
For the treat bags I made Rice Krispie cupcakes.
And put them in these cute cupcake wrappers with these toppers. I put them in paper sacks with a thing of bubbles as well.
And for dessert we had Elmo cupcakes. I saw these online and knew I had to try them for small fry's birthday as she is an Elmo fanatic. Here are my version

Making these made me totally miss my older brother. He would have loved making these with me. He was here last year for small frys birthday and I really wish he was here again this year. Didn't they turn out cute. I used a marshmallow cut in half for the eyes with some black gel for the pupil, a orange slice cut in half and then rolled into a ball like shape for the nose and a half an Oreo for the mouth.
It was such a great birthday party-fairly low key and simple and the kids and small fry had a blast. I am really looking forward to this age for her even with it's "terrible" moments (some of which we have been graced with early on). She is really interactive and we have some of the funnest conversations and I can start doing all the cute fun things I have been waiting to do as a mom now that she is a bit older and I am really excited. Happy birthday my little turkey, princess, sweety!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Small Fry!! What a cutie, and what a FUN swingset. I have never seen one with the little trampoline attached. Love the Elmo cupcakes too--you did a good job!!

  2. The Elmo cupcakes are so cute!

  3. What a fun birthday! Those cupcakes are awesome. And what a fun swing set. Glad she had a great day.

  4. Love the Elmo theme, we did that for our son's second birthday. In fact, our cupcakes are almost identical! Here's a link if you want to see the picture:


  5. Happy birthday to your big girl!
    My youngest turns 2 in may... and I just might have to make some of those cupcakes. She loves Elmo too!
    Hope you had a wonderful day celebrating :)

  6. Oh man, those Elmo cupcakes look delicious. And they are cute too! :) You are such a great mom. Allie is so adorable. I love how she holds up two fingers, one on each hand, to show how old she is. Hilarious! Hope to see you soon!

  7. tnati auguri! happy birthday from italy!
    everything is just so cute!!!

  8. What fun! I love the cupcakes! Allie is soooo cute!

  9. Lovely Family! They grow up soooo fast. Enjoy all of it.

  10. YOu are such a good mom! Those treats are so cute! Congrads on turning 2 Small Fry!


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