May 26, 2010

Summer Dress for Pumpkin

My baby is getting old-almost 7 months old in fact. I have boxes and boxes of baby girl cloths from those given to us and bought for smallfry but unfortunately my little pumpkin is in the summer season when small fry was in fall at the same age so I am running short on summery clothes so I just had to get my sewing machine out and get something made. I had this pattern that my MIL gave me a while ago for a summer dress and it was so simple to make-it was just what I needed. To top it off I made a little head band to match and a ruffle butt onesie to wear underneath instead of the little bloomers that the pattern suggested.

I saw the idea for the ruffle butt onesie on Crap I've Made. I didn't follow her tutorial (I didn't have time to stop and check the computer-kids were napping-time was scarce) but if you are looking for a great tutorial on how to make one go here.
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  1. What pattern did you use? I love it and would love to try it myself :)

  2. Are you kidding me?! That is just SO cute! She looks adorable.

  3. The pattern I used is called "reversible sundress and panties" by Sewbaby.Inc
    They have a website: . I hadn't gone there before but just checked it out and it looks super cute.

  4. cute! love the ruffle butt onesie underneath!


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