Jul 29, 2010

Dear Walmart (This may only apply to my location)

Dear Walmart,
K-mart had a better selection of shoes than you did this past weekend and that isn't saying much. You would think when you have the monopoly on a market that you would...I don't know...offer some sort of selection to actually interest someone in buying something from that department rather than saying, "heck I will wait until I go some place else." Will you ever learn or will you just keep stocking really ugly footwear?
Waiting until I go some place else.
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  1. Its like that here too. I hate shopping for shoes at our Walmart

  2. I love your letters to Walmart! I always feel the same way. Our Walmart is really shanty- actually it's ghetto. Literally, in the ghetto. Meanwhile there is a K-Mart in Burbank that is so beautiful it's surprising.

  3. My Walmart has NO shoe selection either, or swim wear for that matter. I went last weekend to buy a swim suit, I had other things in my cart and after seeing that they had no selection, I put the cart back and went to Kmart.


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