Jul 29, 2010

Melon Days

Why hello. I have not fallen off the face of the planet-I am actually sweating it out in my little town spending as much of my free time working on stuff for my Melon Days booth. For those who are new to Small Fry and Co, Melon Days is our little towns festival because we grow watermelons here and so each fall we have a big celebration with all you can eat watermelon, a parade, booths on the park, food, games for kids-it's a blast and a real treat for our town. If you live in my great state and want a little get away for some small town fun come on down and eat as much watermelon as you can.
Anyway, so I did a booth last year selling baby stuff and decided that I would like to do it again this year but I am so BEHIND!!!!! I am sewing as fast as my machine will allow me. Here is a sampling of what I have so far.
Change pads (in all the styles I have created), diapers and wipes holders, banners that say "welcome home baby girl" and baby boy, booties, wipes cases,
brag boards and bibs. I still have burp cloth cupcakes, onesies, flower clips and binkie clips to finish. So pretty much I ought to stop blogging and get sewing.

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  1. Good luck with your sale! Your stuff is so nice I am sure you will do well.


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