Nov 3, 2010

Pumpkin turns 1

Can't believe it but my little pumpkin turned 1 on Halloween. It has been quite a year-more challenging than anything I have previously experienced and it has been an emotional roller coaster but I have two beautiful, sweet little faces that have kept me going and a patient and supportive husband and so WE MADE IT!!!! Here are the highlights of the BIG 1 Teeny Halloweeny Birthday Party.
Little Pumpkin in her "I'm 1" t-shirt looking so sweet and beaming with pride
She has learned how to get in the rocking chair by herself just in time for her birthday
And she also learned how to walk just a few days before her birthday and is now unstoppable. I love it.
Except when she isn't getting what she wants fast enough she is such a happy little camper
I made these for the birthday party "Teeny Treasure Hunt" as the prizes. They are bracelets.
The sweet "teeny" spread
Mini caramel apples
Mini popcorn balls
Mini doughnuts
The BIG 1 cake (two bundt cakes put together)
The teeny birthday banner
Grandpa sharing a caramel apple with the birthday girl
One happy girl with all her presents.
Trying out a slice of cake
I think she liked it.
The day turned out just perfect. The weather was wonderful. The party turned out perfect. I wished every minute that my brother Steven could have been there. I was thrilled that my friends Tali, Preston and their son Miles came from Salt Lake for the party. That was one of the best parts. Thanks also to our wonderful friends in town the Hughes and the Swalbergs for coming. And a huge thanks to my mom for coming from Canada for the big event and for all her help. What a great birthday for my little sweetie.

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  1. It was a lot of fun! The kids really enjoyed it, and had fun on the scavenger treasure hunt. Those bracelets were a hit! Morgan is not going to eat hers, and wore it as part of her costume! :) Thanks for inviting us!

  2. Love all your mini treats. She looks so cute--Happy Birthday to her BIG 1

  3. love the mini treats and your presentation. happy b-day to your little one. i wanted to know what kind of apples did you use? i have never seen a mini apple before but i would love to use your idea of the candy apples for my little ones birthday. thanks for blogging. have been following you for almost 2 years now!! sonia

  4. Sonia and any one else interested the apples I used were just apples I picked of a local tree. I am not sure the type of apples they were. I just picked a bunch of the really teeny tiny ones that would normally be overlooked. If you were going to buy some then I would suggest looking for crab apples if you can find them because they are really small. Otherwise I would just try and pick out ones that are really tiny. It is hard to do in a store so if you have a tree you can pick them off of you will have the most luck. HOpe that is a bit helpful and thanks so much for reading since the beginning. Makes my day.

  5. thanks lots for responding to my question. i will keep your comments in mind next time i go to our local apple orchard. sonia


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