Dec 2, 2010

I can because I can

 I think  I am officially done canning for the year.  I have filled all of my quart jars with tomatoes, pears, peaches, pickles, pumpkin and pie filling.  I have done corn, pizza sauce, apple sauce, enchilada sauce, pinto beans, raspberry jam, and salsa.  I have never canned this much in my life and I think I have done my food storage duty for the year. 
 I just love seeing all those bottles lined up. 

 Time to rest up and recoup for a whole new canning season next summer.  Thank heavens I can't grow a garden year round-this canning business is a ton of work. 
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  1. That's awesome! I can't grow a garden, but I was thinking of going to the farmers market and canning some things next summer/fall. I saw an introductory canning set at OSH...

  2. I just finished making my apple butter for the holidays. That is all the canning I do. Congrats on all the gorgeous cans! I am loving your new layout too!

  3. Wow, that is really impressive! Way to go!

  4. This is just so impressive, Heather! I am so proud of you!!! If the relief society gave out brownie badges, you deserve an honorary gold star or something. well done!!!!!


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