Dec 24, 2010

Super Cute Christmas Printables from Babalisme

Need something to do Christmas eve with the kidos?  How cute are these!!!!! These are printables from Babalisme.  She has the cutest illustrations.  Lots of free stuff on her website.  I am sure you all already know about her. Print these on a sheet of magnet-wouldn't that be so cute.  I was totally ready to do just that and remembered we are out of colored ink.  BLAST!!  Hope someone can enjoy them.  I will have to make mine for next year.  That is fine-my little pumpkin would eat them right now anyway.

NOTE: These are not necessarily free.  She may have added a charge to them since posting.  Check it out and see.
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  1. Those are so cute! My color ink is out too. I hate it when that happens!

  2. These are so cute!.. This is my first time here, and I have gotten so many great ideas already for next Christmas. As I kept reading back post, after post, after post, I had to force myself away, so that I could get ready for CHURCH! So now I'm your newest follower.. Hope you and yours had a blessed and very Merry Christmas. ~tina

  3. thank you for featuring! I'm sorry I just found you!! took me long to get through here.

    And to clear things up, no I am not the one charging an extra dollars to download the free printables, I uploaded in a third party uploading site called scribd and since I don't know when, scribd, not me, charged for membership.

    But I have uploaded the Christmas files again on google docs, do check them out! I hope it's forever free service. Thank you!


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