Jan 7, 2011

Birthday Card #6 Stripes are Nice

 This is a pretty easy card that can be great for a boy or a girl. 
 1.To start make your card.  You can really use any size of card that you want.  Mine was 4 x 5 inches (finished size).
2. Now you will cut your paper stripes.  To do this I used my paper cutter but angled my paper to get an uneven strip of paper.  I then cut off a piece the length that I needed (slightly smaller than the front of the card).  Repeat with a couple different patterned papers.
 3. Next I stamped my sentiment on a piece of white cardstock and cut it into a tag shape.  I found this Happy Birthday stamp in the dollar bin at Michaels and I am sure glad I did.  I used it on everyone of these Birthday cards this week.
 4. Attach an eyelet to the top end of the tag.
 5. Adhere paper stripes to the card.  I attached mine with double sided tape and glue.  You could cover then whole front with stripes (see last image).
 6.  Cut a piece of ribbon 7 1/2".  Thread one end through the eyelet on the tag and pull tag down towards the middle of the ribbon.
 7.  Attach the ribbon and tag to the card.  I put double sided tape on my ribbon and a piece of sticky photo mounting foam on the back of the tag.  Stick this in place.
 Like this.
 The ends of the ribbon fold around the front of the card like this:
 Here is another version of the same card.  Easy and fun.
Happy Crafting.  Enjoy!
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  1. Your cards are super cute and yet so simple. I don't know about you but I always seem to get boggled down with ideas when it comes to card making and it always seems if I just keep it simple it turns out fantastic. Good work and thanks for the ideas


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