Jan 27, 2011

Mini Calander Makeover

After making a new checkbook cover (see next post) I decided I wanted to keep my purse makeover going and redo my little purse calender.  This is hardly even worth posting it is so simple but who says crafts can't be simple right?  So here it goes.
1. Start with a calender that has a plastic cover.  Take the calender out and lay it out open and flat on a piece of scrapbook paper.  Trace the calender and then cut the scrapbook paper to size.
 2.  Fold your scrapbook paper in half and make a center crease.  Now open it up and run a line of double sided tape all around the outer edge and a couple of pieces in the middle.  Place your calender on it and press to adhere.  Trim any edges if necessary.  You could add stickers or a name or any other embellishments to the front.  Anything that is super 3 dimensional I would add to the plastic cover because otherwise your calender won't fit back in.
 3.  To create a ribbon tie cut a piece of ribbon 22" long.  Fold it in half to find the center.  Place the center fold on the outside of the calender cover just where the inside pocket edge is.  Sew over it with your sewing machine (back and forth a couple of times).
 4.  Now replace your calender inside and tie the ribbon on the front.  DONE!!
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  1. Congratulations on getting your ideas and tutes picked up by "Craft Gossip"! I've seen several there lately!!!


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