Mar 4, 2011

Help Wanted

I would say that creative ideas have flooded through my mind since High School.  At any given moment I usually have an idea for something in the works in my head.  I don't however always know if what I am thinking of or creating in my mind will be interesting or helpful to anyone reading this blog.  So I am appealing for your help and ideas.  I have had some friends send comments or e-mails asking me to write about a particular subject and I LOVE that.  It is great sometimes to have a jumping off place and not have to come up with a brand new idea everyday.  So if you would like to see something in particular on Small fry, or you have a post idea, or want to learn something-PLEASE, PLEASE leave a comment or send me a message. 
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  1. How about beginner sewing? I'm just learning to sew and would love to see some projects that would be easy for me to do!

  2. More baking/cooking posts, please! :)

  3. I would also love a beginning sewing- with tips/tricks!!!


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