Apr 21, 2011

Fabric Flower Ideas

 There are so many fabric flower ideas out there right now-who needs any more to choose from?  Well-you guys do!!! So I am giving you a few more options.  These are for flowers that you would sew to a dress, shirt, hat, skirt etc (apron).
First up:
 To make these cut 3 pairs of circles in descending sizes.  The size doesn't actually matter-you can make them as big or little as you like.
 Place all pieces so that they are right sides up, stacked on top of each other (see picture).
 Begin with the largest circles.  Decide where you want them.  Place them one right on top of the other.
 Pin it in place and then sew around the circle about a 1/2" in from the edge.
 Like this.
 Continue with the remaining circle sets.  After they are all sewn, clip the edges of each circle up to the stitching.  Once washed these will be frayed but that is okay by me.  How about you?
 Add a button for the center and you are done.

For this flower begin with a squarish piece of fabric.
Fold it into fourths.
Cut out your desired shape (mine was a scalloped flower).
Open and then repeat with a small square and thus smaller flower. 
Continue layering your flower pieces.  Stitch them layer by layer to whatever you choose.  Add a rolled fabric flower to the center or a button and done!!
Happy flower making!!
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  1. Simple...I love it! Hope your trip is going as well as it can be, still lifting you all up in prayer.


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