Apr 7, 2011

Quick and Easy Girl Jeans Repurpose

This is so super easy-anyone can do it!!! 
Want to do something with those jeans your child has worn holes into the knees of? Take said pair of jeans and...
cut off beneath the worn holes.  Instant shorts!!! Tada!!! I told you-anyone could do this repurpose.

Okay, okay-so you knew that couldn't be all right?  Well this still is super easy and can be done by anyone.  After you have cut off the jeans into shorts, cut two strips of fabric (3 x 15").
Fold one strip in half, wrong sides together then sew a basting stitch all the way down the cut edge.
Pull the threads to gather into a ruffle.
Pin the cut edge of the ruffle under the cut edge of the jeans. 
Now take this to your sewing machine.  Kids jeans are tough because they are so tiny but it is possible to sew all the way around this.  Place the top side of the jean leg under your presser foot about 1/8" up from the cut edge (you have to do it this way because the opening is not big enough to slip over the free arm of the machine).
Make sure that the underneath half of the leg is not tucked under the presser foot as well.  As you sew, stop every inch or so, keep the needle down in your fabric and turn the pant leg.  Put your presser foot back down and continue sewing.
Here is how they look in the end.  I wasn't too worried about fraying edges or anything because I think cut off jeans look a million times better with frayed edges.
I added a heart cut from some coordinating material to the butt.
That is it folks.  These are so cute they almost make you want to cut up good jeans just so you can make some.
NOTE: Why are you not seeing a picture of these on my darling model Small Fry?  Well my darling Small Fry has no appreciation for fashion, if I am going to be honest.  I asked if she would try these on for me and only when I pretended that I was crying did she finally agree and then is when I realized that I had left this pair of jeans in the "to mend" pile too long and they no longer fit her waist.  She went into hysterics because they were too tight and we couldn't get them off fast enough.  I don't think my little pumpkin will fit these during warm months so they may be needing a home in the near future.
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  1. Very cute! And if they aren't in to ruffles you could just make the ruffle in to binding and it would still be super cute!

  2. Very cute!! I think my 17 year old would like them. I patched a rip in hers the other day with some Bliss fabric and she wore them the next day!!

  3. I made a bunch of these last summer with different width ruffles, put random patches and even made a matching belt that just tied. My girls LOVED them and we go SO many compliments!! This year I will be making appliqued shirts too!!

  4. I love them!! And I am going to try it! I don't do much sewing because it seems to never work out, (I don't know where that sewing class knowledge in college went) but this I am going to try!! Hannah has tons of hole in the knee jeans. Perfect.

  5. Cute! Too bad they didn't fit but thankfully you have another little one coming up behind her!


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