Jun 20, 2011

Get Well Week Day 1: Paper Dolls

If you are looking for this week's Make Ahead Monday it will actually be posting on Thursday over at
Just Lu in her Housewife MacGyver series.  Be sure to check it out!!

As for today and the rest of this week I will be sharing a few "Get Well" ideas.  This series is in dedication to my friend Allisha (you know-the crafty mom who joins me on my card making weeks) who has finally got to come home after a horrific birth story and 26 days in the hospital (most of which were spent in the ICU).  I am glad to have her back home and as my neighbor again though I know she will still be recovering for a long time.  (P.S. if you want to read her story check out her husbands blog).

The week is going to be full of a bunch of different ideas for different "Get Well" situations.

The first idea is cute for a boy of a girl.  This just happens to be a "girl" version.  It is a make your own paper dolls kit. 
 You can find the instructions on how to make the book here.  In the first pocket I added fun foam doll bodies (I found these at Michaels Crafts).
 The next pocket has clothes (the kit comes with cloths including shirts, skirts, pants, short and shoes).
 The third pocket has different colors and styles of hair.  All the pieces are stickers  (except the long hair) so these are super easy to assemble.  I would give this with a glue stick (for the long hair) and a marker to draw faces and decorate shirts.
 I think it would be fun for a kid that is home sick or in the hospital.  Something to pass the time and be creative with.  The kit also included magnet pieces so these could be stuck to a fridge.  I added a front page to the book so that a personal message and instructions for the kit could be included.
 The second idea is also a paper doll idea.  I also found these cardboard paper figurines at Michael's Crafts.  They had boy versions too.  The kit includes 4-5 paper doll bodies, several pieces of patterned paper (to make clothes), scissors, glue and a marker as well as a template for making clothes.
 I made my own template for the clothes by tracing the body onto a piece of cardstock and then turning it into a shirt shape and pants shape.  You could include a skirt pattern or dress pattern for girls, or a suit or shorts for a boy.  Lots of possibilities.  I put mine in a plastic sleeve or you could use a zip lock bag.  This would also be fun for a kid that is home sick or in the hospital.  You could even add enough paper dolls for them to create their whole soccer team, or dance group or family.
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