Jul 5, 2011

Easy Peasy Job Chart for Kids.

I have recently been thinking that it is time for Small Fry to have a few more jobs and I wanted to create an easy, kid friendly job chart for her.  I found this one at Target in the dollar section.  I made some simple job pictures (the jobs are targeted at a 3 year old level).  I printed them out on printable magnet paper but they actually weren't strong enough to hold through the chart so I reinforced them on a sheet of magnet with a sticky back (I ordered that on line a while back but you might be able to find magnet sheets in a office supply store).  These were much stronger.  I made a few extra jobs so that I could change them up from time to time.  I added extra magnet to the back of the chart as it only had one small piece. 

 The idea is-she looks on her chart and sees the jobs and then when she has done one she can put a smiley sun beside it.  At first I told her when they were all done she would have a reward but that actually was causing me more stress than having the chart be helpful.  So now before she can go somewhere or do the next fun thing I remind her she needs to get 3 jobs done, or 4 jobs done, or 2 jobs done (depends on what time of day and what activity) or she will ask if she can have an M&M and I tell her when she has 3 jobs done.  That way I am not stressing over whether or not the jobs are getting done.  It will probably change over time (how I use it) but I like have a visual list of things that she can help with in a place where she can see it.

And to make it even easier for you to make one here is a link to the job's and smiley suns for you to download and print.
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