Jul 18, 2011

Make Ahead Monday-Freezing Salsa

Fresh salsa is one of my favorite summer treats.  I just wish we could have all year long....well actually we can thanks to this make ahead.  Did you know that you don't just have to can salsa to make it last-it can be put in the freezer.  My fresh salsa recipe is not one that can be canned and I don't like canned salsa as well because it doesn't have the same flavors as fresh.  But I can make a huge batch of fresh and then portion it out into plastic containers and freeze it and take it out later.  I thaw it on the counter or in the fridge (an even microwave it if I am in a hurry).  It is slightly wateryer than normal but I usually just pour off a bit of the extra juice. 
This is a picture of some mango salsa I took out of the freezer and thawed.
See you can have the goodness of summer all year long.
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  1. Hey Heather. I was wondering if you posted your salsa recipe anywhere?

  2. Yes Ash and for anyone else interested here is the link for the salsa recipe:
    and here is the recipe for the mango salsa


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