Aug 16, 2011

Garbage Can Makeover

I am all about the repurposing right now (it's usually cheap and really satisfying to take junk and turn it into something cute and functional).  My hubby had these old garbage cans out by our garage.  They served no purpose and were destined for the dump but I had a brilliant idea to turn them into storage bins for my food storage in my basement.  I currently have my bags of flour and sugar in big plastic tubs but I wanted something nicer to store them in.  So with a bit of spray paint (I used Krylon, gloss finish, and the color is called "celery") and some vinyl lettering I ended up with:

I searched around a bit more and found two more tin cans that were destined for the trash and also made:
 A whole set (well actually now I want a few more so I am going to have to hit the thrift stores).  In case you are wondering the plan is to put my food storage inside these in it's original package (like the bags of flour will go in the can, the bags of pasta will go in the can-that way it doesn't matter so much what the inside of the can looks like).
After making these I thought, "Wouldn't a smaller set of these make a really cute wedding or shower gift." (you know ones that could sit on a counter or in a cupboard).  I think these are going to be my go to wedding gift from now on.
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  1. I am loving repurposing too! What a cool project, turned out great:)

  2. Wow! You must have A LOT of flour and sugar!!!

  3. Those are soooo cute I love them! You are soooo crafty! It amazes me how much you do and get done! What an amazing woman!

  4. Wow.. The garbage can looks so cute. Looks like those cute cookie container in the kitchen. You are so creative!! :)

  5. Cute and functional! I wish I had that much food storage!


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