Aug 19, 2011

Project Zucchini News and A Produce Question

I started project zucchini to keep track of the abundance of these green guys I got over the summer and the myriad of ways I came up with to use them (because I have never not had an abundance of zucchini)....UNTIL NOW!!! The bugs have completely conquered my poor plants.  As of right now I have no new zucchini's and may not have any more for the rest of the summer.  What is a girl to do?

In other produce issues I am just wondering if someone else has some thoughts about this:
Has anyone ever tried to return produce to a grocery store or a big box store like Walmart?  I never have but I have been tempted many a time.  Like this week I bought nectarines and corn from Walmart and both were horrible.  The nectarines were woody and I had to throw all of them away and the corn was super old.  I am not saying it is just a Walmart problem because I have bought bad produce from other stores (though it seems to happen more at Walmart).   I feel like I shouldn't have to eat the cost of those if they were poor quality but I am not sure how I would be received if I took them back to the store and asked for a refund.  Has anyone ever tried this?  Does anyone know if you can even return produce?
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  1. I would totally try it. I've been amazed at how many items our STop and Shop (a local grocery store) takes back from us. Their "solution center" is amazing, I may even bring some of my other problems to them to see if they can fix them:) In fact, my husband took back some muffins that we decided we didn't want two days after we bought them, and they took them back. Give it the old college try.
    p.s. is it squash bores that are getting your plants? They killed my zucchini a couple years ago and this year again. I didn't even get one zucchini.

  2. My dad took a watermelon back to Walmart. He had cut it open and it wasn't ripe. They refunded his money without any problem.

  3. I would definitely try it. I have done both - returned food and thrown it away, but whenever I've returned it they either refunded my money or gave me an exchange. The worst case I ever heard of about someone returning something was a few years ago in Home Depot. We were talking to an employee who said Home Depot refunds for almost everything. Except a real, cut Christmas tree that someone tried to return after Christmas!

  4. I know that Maceys will take back produce - not sure about Walmart....

  5. I have taken back produce to the grocery store and wal mart. I look at it this way. It is my hard earned money that I can't afford to waste. Bad produce is the same as a seam that was poorly sewn. Defective is defective.

  6. I too have taken produce back to Walmart and even the smaller grocery stores and have never had a problem.


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