Sep 29, 2011

Excercise-Blahh - A Real Mommy Moment

I hate to exercise.  I really wish that I didn't; that I was one of those people who actually enjoys running but I am not.  Every morning my good intentions come to a grinding halt when I step out of bed and feel like I have two cinder blocks at the bottom of my legs.  I love to walk and take my girls on long walks nearly every day and I love to ride my bike even more and try and do that too-though now both of my girls won't fit in our bike trailer and the sun doesn't come up early enough for me to ride before my hubby has to leave for work so that has come to a halt as well.  I am just going to be honest and say that the exercise that I do manage to do is only to maintain the body that I have (because for some reason my body does not and pretty much refuses to shrink in size-does yours do that?) and so that I can throw around the word "exercise" in a conversation and feel a bit better about myself.  You know like at church, "I was out getting some exercise the other morning when I had this major impression..." or at the library, "Ya, I remembered that I needed to drop off my books this morning as I was out getting some exercise" or on the phone with my neighbor, "I am sorry I missed your call this morning, I was out getting my exercise."  But the truth really is, I think exercising is the pits and if Heavenly Father decided we never had to do it ever again I wouldn't argue.  I would be perfectly content just walking because it is fun to do and not because I have to get my exercise.
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  1. I found your wonderful blog from a picture on Pinterest. I am smitten and in LOVE.
    I totally agree with this post. But I ran across a post about exercise that I need to adopt. One of the encouragements said, "Look at exercise as a pleasure and a privilege, not a burden or chore. Think positively about the changes regular exercise will produce. . ." They are right. I don't have any handicaps or anything. I am really lucky that I CAN exercise. I think I will try to adopt this quote. Good luck with your pursuit of exercise. I think walking is a PERFECT way to get it too, so don't feel too guilty.


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