Sep 30, 2011

Hope for your green tomatoes

It is that time of year-when many of the nations gardens are being killed off by cold weather.  Perhaps it is happening to you.  It hasn't happened yet to me but we are getting there.  Just thought I would share a little tip in case you don't already know this (and I am sure most of you do) but did you know that your green tomatoes are not a loss?  How do I know this?  Well growing up in Canada we never had a red tomato from our garden.  We got all of them from our basement where we ripened all of our tomatoes in the late fall when it was too cold outside.  All you need is a box and some newspaper.  Put your green tomatoes in there, cover them with newspaper and store in a cool, dark place and in a few days to weeks you will have red tomatoes.
See what I mean?  I just go and check them every few days or so and take out the ripened ones and leave the rest.  So don't just let them go to waste.  Want another idea-try making green tomato relish.  I have made some for my hubby and he loves it.  Ball has a great recipe.
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