Oct 4, 2011

Fall Paper Bag Banner

In case you didn't get a chance to see this project (it was a guest post a few weeks back) I thought I would repost it.  It is quick and easy and perfect for the season.

To begin you will need to print the pattern from here and cut and trace all the pieces onto the cardstock that you want to use.  You will also want to cut out your background pieces.  I used a large paper bag from the grocery store but you could use cardstock or even cardboard.  My pieces are about 5x7" but they are not all the same size.  I did that on purpose because in my mind fall is rustic and rustic is not perfect (but that is just me).  I also cut pieces of burlap slightly smaller than my background pieces. 
 Next spary the burlap with a spray adhesive (which if you haven't used-you must.  It is one of my favorite crafting accessories).  Stick your burlap onto the background piece.  Lightly brush the edges of each piece with a distressing ink or a antiquing stamp pad.
 Repeat with your image.  I drew tick marks with a black pen all the way around the edge of each of my images.  I think it makes them stand out a bit more.
 Repeat with all of your pieces.

 Next to attach the ribbon hanger I placed my ribbon where I wanted it on the banner piece, then stuck a large needle through the ribbon and background paper.  I put a brad in each hole.  (On each end make sure a make a loop to hang the banner with).

 And that is it.  Super easy, cute and festive. 

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1 comment:

  1. I love everything about this banner-the burlap, the fall colors, the squirrel! I already have a Halloween banner but this would be great for Thanksgiving. Thank you for sharing!


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