Oct 26, 2011

Hoo's 2 Candy Bar Wrappers- Owl Birthday Week Day 3

I saw an idea kind of like this on a website or blog but it was for mini candy bars.  I wanted to use regular sized candy bars to have as take home gifts from the party.  I created my own pattern (after many attempts) and love the end result.
Here is what you will need:
scrapbook paper 8.5x11 Plus extras for the eyes, beak, heart and feet.
Double sided tape
Glue dots
black marker
mini ric rac (though this is for an embellishment so it is not 100% necessary)

Step 1: trace and cut out all the pieces using the pattern.
Step 2: Score along the designated lines to fold.  I learned this trick on a blog to use my paper cutter and a small bone folder to score things.  Helps keep a straight line without cutting all the way through.
Step 3: Place candy bar in the center of the wrapper.
Step 4: Put a piece of double sided tape on the candy bar first, fold over and stick one side of the wrapper, then put another piece of double sided tape along that edge and fold over the other side of the wrapper.
Step 5:  Draw in the pupils on the whites of the eyes.  Glue to the larger circles using a glue dot and adhere to the candy bar, as well as the beak.
Step 6: I used my Xyron sticker maker to turn these little pieces of ric rac into stickers and attached them in the middle.
Step 7: Add the heart (I used a foam glue dot so the heart would stand out) and the feet and he or she is ready to rock and roll (and look super cute doing so).
Now the only question I have is: can anyone help me come up with a thank you saying that has to do with owls?  I want to add a little tag that says thanks for coming to the party but I want to have it relate to owls.  Anyone?  Anyone?

Here is the pattern.  It may have to be enlarged slightly or you may have to cut a bit bigger-sometimes my patterns print smaller than they are supposed to be.  
owl candy bar wrapper
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  1. "Thanks for swooping in - hope you had a hoot"

  2. My birthday was a real hoot because of whoooo? YOU! Thank you for coming!

    Suggestion a little late but I just found your blog because of Pinterest. Love the owl themed party! You're so creative!


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