Nov 25, 2011

Sock Snowman

This was a really popular post from 2 years ago so I tought I would repost it again because they are still just as cute now as they were then.  I want to make a whole family of these.
Here is a tutorial for these quick and easy cute sock snowmen. I used old socks and t-shirts but new socks would be fine too.
1. Start with your old sock.
2. Pour beans, rice or wheat in the toe to weigh down the bottom.
3. Stuff the remaining sock with batting. You will want to stuff it full but not firm and up as high as you will want your snowman tall.
4. Cut off excess sock.
5. Sew on eyes using a french knot stitch. If you don't know how to do that buttons would look cute or you could draw them I would think. I also glued on his nose which I cut out of felt.
I stitched around his nose because I liked the look of it but that is not necessary.
I added some chalk to make his cheeks rosey.
6. Glue the top of the sock closed using hot glue. Now from an old t-shirt cut a rectangle for the hat. I used the bottom of the shirt because I liked having the hem for the bottom of my hat. I don't think this is necessary though.
Here is my "rectangle".
7. Fold the ends over and glue together to form a tube like thing.
8. Place the hat on the top of the snowman first before applying any glue and get it situated where you want it. Then lift up in small sections and apply the hot glue.
I like having his hat down by his eyes.
Tie off the top of the hat using a piece of string, yarn or ribbon.
9. For the scarf cut a long strip of t-shirt material.
Tie it around the neck of the snowman in a knot. Pull the ends to make them long.
Cut some slits in the bottom of the scarf to make it look frayed. TADA!! There you have it.
So happy together.
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  1. Too cute...maybe penguins next? (I'm slightly obsessed with penguins, as my husband will tell you)


  2. i love it.... and this is a perfect craft my daughter will get a kick out of helping me create! :)

  3. I love this... You made it look so easy... I will have to do this with my daughter. Thanks for the tut!

  4. Too cute! I love all your snowman crafts!


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