Nov 10, 2011

Thrift Store Marathon Review

Sorry it has taken so long to share the details about the Thrift Store Marathon-it kind of just got burried under all the other things I have been doing but thanks to a reader for commenting that she wanted to read how it went.  As a recap for those who might have missed the post the Thrift Store Marathon was me and a few other great gals from my town who got up at the crack of dawn to drive 2 hours to get to a thrift store.  From there we hit as many thrift stores, outlets and yardsales as we could on our way home.  I think the total count was 15 (am I right ladies?). 

Here we are outside our first stop waiting for the store to open. 

This was at an antique store where I saw a toy set that we had as kids and that my girls now have that they were selling for $45.00 (note to self-when done with the people's house sell on E-bay).
 Let me share the highlights of the trip and what I found.  First the company was great-thrifting with friends (not kids) is always much funner.  We had some questions and comments about our shirts-like people that acted like it was a really big deal.  We didn't bother to fill them in otherwise.  Quote of the day from the cashier at Panda Express "I didn't know there was a Thrift Store Marathon."  I found it harder than I thought because there was always the possibility of finding the same thing (or something better) at the next place so I passed up more than I should have.  I was exhausted mainly because I was so excited the night before that I didn't sleep more than 3 1/2 hours (plus there was a mouse incident which I don't need to go over).  Also I would just like to say to the people out there advertising yard sales -if you say you are having a "huge multi family yard sale" then you better have enough stuff to fill an entire carport, the driveway and spill onto the sidewalk.  Otherwise don't waste our time with a piddly couple of boxes of junk-we have more important things to do. 
And now for my treasures (NOTE: when I got home I had the brilliant inspiration that I should have bought this, this and this-but that didn't come while I was actually shopping).  I think I was being really practical so unfortunately I didn't find any crazy repurposing things but I did get a lot of good stuff.

In this picture we have a wooden box which I am going to repurpose into treasure box for small fry, two Dora purses (brand new) for the girls Christmas stockings, 2 pairs of shoes for the girls, a new dress for my pumpkin, shirts for the girls halloween costumes, a roll of wrapping paper (for a candy wreath I am making for Christmas), a new journal, new church books,other books, a set of two little dolls (brand new) perfect for the diaper bag, a bag of fabric I got for $2.00, and a new handbag.

Here we have 5 or 6 new shirts for me (two of which were brand spanking new), a baby doll stroller (this was for small fry because I had bought one for little sis for her birthday and I knew we were going to need 2 in our house), a hobby horse (also for a Christmas gift), a pair of shoes for me (they were free), Christmas tins for the girls, a pack of 20+ sheets of alphabet stickers, and a vanity cupboard for the bathroom (though I will turn it into a hair do station for pumpkins room or put it in my craft room)

And here we have a pile of clothes for the girls, 3 new skirts for small fry, 3 or 4 shirts that were in a box on a corner for free, a cute wrap around sweater for my pumpkin and a sweater to make my pumpkins Halloween costume.  Somewhere in all of those piles was a large messenger style bag as well.

It was a blast and I am planning a spring session so keep it in mind-this time we want to make it really look like a big deal.  Thanks to my friends and neighbors who tagged along on this adventure.  I hope you had as much fun as me.
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  1. Looks like you scored! So much fun! I wish somebody would host one of these in LA.

  2. It was really fun! Can't wait to do it again and see a line of cars in our caravan! Awesome!!! :)


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