May 31, 2012

Easy Cheaters Method Striped Baby Quilt

I wanted to make a cute striped quilt for my little man that is on the way.  I have seen some on Pinterest like this one:

that I love but when it really comes down to it I don't have the energy or time to make one-plus standing in the fabric store trying to pick out all the matching fabrics and then waiting for them to be cut is really more than I can handle right now.  But finding a striped piece of fabric in the clearance section that I can make into a cheaters quilt-now that I can handle.
I found this piece of fabric in the clearance section at JoAnns.  I instantly thought, "I can just sew along the stripes and make it look like a stripe quilt that I pieced together."
 I was planning on buying a piece of fabric for the backing but the other day when I was in the thrift store I found a quilted mattress pad (it had plain white fabric on one side and batting on the other plus the elastic band around the whole edge to fit over a mattress).  It was in super good condition and only $1.00 so I bought it.  I cut the elastic band off the whole thing leaving me with one solid quilted piece of fabric.  I cut it to match the front piece I had bought, pinned them together and then sewed along each stripe.  I finished the edges with some seam binding and the whole thing was complete in a couple of hours.
 It is not perfect but I love the finished product and I love that it cost very little and took very little time.  So the cheaters method to making a stripe quilt is to find striped fabric and quilt along the strips.
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  1. Anything to make life easier... plus it looks great!!

  2. Brilliant idea! Never would have thought of it myself. LOVE the stripes too. Mental note made for if we ever have a boy! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. omg I really thought this was pieced together strips until I ready the whole post. I loved the pieced quilts but I too don't have to patience (and i'm not even pregnant). I think I'm gonna have to steal this idea. Thanks for sharing!


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