Dec 4, 2012

Santa Oreos Maybe??

This idea was brilliant in my head-dipping each end of an Oreo in red candy melts leaving the middle black for the belt and adding a buckle made out of a Starburst but I am not sure about the finished product.  I was going to make them as neighbor gifts but I didn't know if anyone would know what they were.  Maybe someone else can take the idea and perfect it.  I haven't decided yet if I like them or not.  What do you think?  Do they even look Santaish to you?
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  1. I think they are cute! I pinned it on my Christmas board :)

  2. I Love it-What a cute idea!

  3. These are really cute! But I do know what you mean about 'finishing them' how to get a "santa" face on there!!

  4. love them !

  5. I love them!!! I may try this for my boys preschool library party!!!! I think they ARE finished, super cute!!!!!

    Might could do a santa face with a marshmellow or something of that sort.......

  6. I think they work as is. Anyone I know would catch on that it's Santa. But if you really think you need a little something to get the idea across, you could do a small bag of Santa Hat Bugles as an add-on.

    All the same, it looks good to me already!


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