Mar 7, 2013

Coffee Filter Pom Poms

I had a few left over coffee filters from the coffee filter wreath I made last week and because I can't throw anything away I decided to dye about 75 more (in blue and purple-those weren't dry yet when I took these pictures) and create something completely new with them.  Have you ever seen those big huge pom poms made from tissue paper?  Well I wanted to make basically the same thing only in a mini version and these worked perfectly.
To make one you will need 5 coffee filters, a piece of wire and some pliers/wire cutters.
Stack all the pom poms, scrunch them in the middle and tie the wire around the center.
If desired, trim off about a 1/2 inch off each side
Then fluff each layer-pulling it towards the center.
And instant pom pom-seriously 4 minutes start to finish.
So make about 5 or 20 more.  They could be used as center pieces, hang them from strings in your window, glue them to a wreath base, fill a large glass container with them.  Lots of possibilities.  A bright and springy decoration.

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