Mar 5, 2013

Daffodil Jelly Bean Cup

I am preparing for our families Easter celebration: The first annual Bunny Brunch.  As a part of the bunny brunch I am getting decorations ready for the table.  Here is the first item: Daffodil Jelly Bean Cups.  I am planning to use these along side the plates on the table (stay tuned for a post of everything put together) kind of like a place card.

To make these I traced the daffodil pattern onto yellow cardstock.
Then I cut out the flower and curled up the petals.
Next I took one of these fantastic hard cupcake cups from Wholeport and added foam tape to the bottom (I actually had to add 3 layers because the bottoms of the cups are not flush with cup edge).
I stuck this to the middle of the flower and then cut out and attached the stem and leaves.
Now fill the cup with jelly beans (or what ever treat you like).  I chose yellow and orange jelly beans and you are finished. 
My girls are going to love these.  What a fun and easy way to brighten up a table this spring.  They could also be used as center pieces on a dinner table or buffet table.  Where ever you choose to put them they will be a crowd pleaser for sure (especially with kids).

If you need a pattern I am sharing mine here (on Scribd).

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  1. Apparently Martha Stewart had that same idea ages ago. www(dot)marthastewart(dot)com/335059/daffodil-candy-cups

    1. Well I promise you I didn't copy hers. I had never seen them before.


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