Apr 25, 2013

Double Trouble: A Dinosaur Sneak Peek

Hello everyone!! I guess I am officially back.  It has been a bit harder for me to get back to normal life-part of me feels like if I just go right back to all my normal stuff, normal daily activities then I am trying to forget the fact that I just lost my dad...and I don't want to forget.  I am totally fine most days and then all of a sudden it will just hit me, "my father passed away" and I catch my breath in my throat and just freeze for a minute.  But part of me also thinks that I need to get back to normal life because there is nothing to be accomplished by sitting around and feeling sorry for myself or my family.  So what I am trying to do is just ease back into the norm, welcome the moments that make me think of my dad and even the ones that bring tears and I am trying to move ahead nut at a bit of a slower pace-one which will hopefully help me enjoy each day a bit more. So as I am trying to get back into things I just wanted to share a sneak peek of an upcoming project: Dino Hoodies (modeled by the two cutest 3 year old boys I know).  Stay tuned for a tutorial or info for ordering your own from Small Fry & Co.  

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  1. I'm so sorry about your Dad. It was more than 10 years after I lost my Dad before I could think about him without tears. It's going to take time. Meanwhile, hug your kids a lot.. it's very healing.

  2. Gald to see you back - love how you used their names as though it was a dinosaur's - it reminds me of the How Does a Dinosaur ... books - my little girl loves them


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