May 24, 2013

A Few "Other" Uses For A George Foreman Grill

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Do you have a George Foreman grill?  I know-seems like they are very "1990's" or something.  I think thrift store shelves are lined with them-not necessarily because they are bad but probably because people just didn't feel like it was something they used enough to warrent shelf space.  I have never been a fan myself basically for only one reason-my college roommate.  When I was in college I had a roommate that had one of these and she always left the little grease catching dish on the counter for days after she used it, filled with grease.  Drove me absolutely crazy and smelled bad too.  I swore I would never have one.  And then I got married....and I inherited not only my husbands but we also got one as a gift.  So I had to figure out a few ways to use it and guess what?  I actually LOVE my George Foreman grill and I found out that there are a few different ways to use it.  I know, random post, but I thought that in case anyone else has one of these and is not sure what to do with it now you will have a few more options.

1. Grilled chicken: I use my George Foreman grill to grill chicken for salads, pizza or tacos when firing up the BBQ would be silly to cook only 1 or 2 pieces of chicken.  It is much more convenient to just grill it on my counter.  I cut the chicken breast in half lengthwise to help it cook faster and more evenly and I always drizzle a tiny bit of oil on the chicken while cooking it because it helps to keep it from burning.  The taste is excellent and it is so easy (especially if you don't feel like you are barbecue inclined.)

2. The next best thing to a fire roasted hot dog:  A hot dog cooked over some form of flame is one of my favorite things.  I like them slightly burned on the outside.  Again, like with the chicken, when I am on my own with the kids I don't always feel like turning on the BBQ to cook 3 hot dogs and I certainly am not going to be lighting up a fire.  But did you know that a George Foreman grill can cook a hot dog to a very nice slightly blackened state that is delicious?  I put the hot dogs in the grill (3 at a time) and just rotate them every few minutes until they are cooked just the way I like them on the outside.  You can even do this with frozen hot dogs.  They cook so well.  This is one of my favorite way to use my grill.  No smoke, no smelly clothes and quick and easy clean up.

3. Pizza Panini's:  I don't have a panini pan and I have seen plenty recipes that call for one but I honestly don't have room for another appliance.  This week when I pinned a recipe for grilled pizza sandwiches I decided to try and grill it on my George Foreman grill and the result was EXCELLENT.  The grill worked perfectly.  The sandwich was toasted perfectly, crusty but not burned, the inside was melted and gooey with cheese and pizza sauce and I think I just found another new favorite and easy way to make pizza.  I followed this recipe from Our Best Bites except that I brushed the outside of mine with olive oil.

4. Grilled Cheese: Since the panini's worked so well on the grill I figured that a plain old grilled cheese sandwich would work good too.  The only thing you want to be sure of is that you use thick bread.  Brush the outside with olive oil or melted butter.  Olive oil results in a perfect crunch and has a very yummy taste.

My next idea: french toast.  I haven't tried it yet but I will let you know how it turns out.

So in case you thought this little "lean, mean, grilling machine" was only for burgers now you know that there is so much more you can do with it.  And if you don't have one and have the room in your house for another appliance pick one up at a thrift store just to have for these quick and easy ideas.  You won't be disappointed.  And I am not even getting paid to say that.

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  1. We have one of the small ones (one to two hamburgers at a time small). I love it and works out great since my daughter loves hamburgers. I just hate to clean it and lately hamburgers have been sticking to it. Probably because I scrubbed it the wrong way. But I've heard that you can put foil over them so that it's less mess. Haven't tried that yet

    1. I hate the clean up too-the worst part about using it. I like the foil idea because then you could just toss it. I have to try that next time I cook chicken.

  2. I hate cleaning these up to....


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