Aug 2, 2013

"Sweet As...." The Girl Series of Up-Cycled T-shirt Bibs

Lest you think that the only thing I know how to do these days is throw things way, I thought I had better put a crafty post up just to make sure that you know that I still know how to strut my crafty stuff.  I just got finished with my girl series of up-cycled T-shirt bibs: The "Sweet as....." series.  I love the bright colors.  I love how they all turned out (you know how some things just look better when you take their picture).  On these ones I sewed all the details in white because the appliques all required multiple layers and it would have just been impossible to continually switch the thread.  Here is a closer look at each.

Cotton Candy

Chocolate Cupcake



Popsicle (cherry flavored of course).

 In case you missed the first series (the "Hungry as...." boys series) check it out here for a tutorial on how to make these easy and adorable t-shirt bibs.  

Now what little girl wouldn't look SWEET in these?

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  1. Those are the cutest baby bibs ever! Oh too bad I'm through having children lol - maybe I'll save an idea like this in the back of my head for some day when my children (gosh they are only 7 & 5) have children.


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