Sep 3, 2013

Witch Hat Party Favors

 These are a cute and easy party favor idea-you can adjust the size to suit your needs and fill them with anything you want.  The only thing is if you plan to glitter them then make them ahead of time so they can dry properly.
To begin you will need:
Black cardstock (you can get one and half pattern pieces on one piece of 8.5x11 paper)
Double stick tape
Glue Dots
White glue
Small Black pom poms
Thin wire
1. Trace and cut pattern pieces
 2. Run a piece of double sided tape along one straight edge of the witch hat (I have it hanging over the edge about half way so that it can't be seen when the cone is formed.
 3. Roll the hat piece to form a cone shape and hold the sides together to adhere the tape.  (This was a bit tricky and I felt like it was good to hold it with a paper clip for a while just to make sure it was stuck).
 4. Adhere cone (top of the hat) to the brim of the hat with a bead of hot glue.
 5. Embellish as desired.  I found ric rac worked the best for laying nicely around the hat.  Next we will make the spiders.
 6. For these you will need one long piece of wire and 3 or 4 short pieces (about 1 1/2" in length).  I made my spiders with 6 legs because I couldn't remember if they had 6 or 8 but then I found out it was 8 but mine were already made so oh well-in crafts it doesn't matter.
 7. Take the long piece of wire and curl it around a pencil leaving 1 inch on each end uncurled.
 8. Stick on end of the wire into the top of the hat.
 9. Now stick a pom pom on a glue dot and pull up.
 10. Stick your short wires to the back of the pom pom on the sticky glue dot (don't worry how they look-you can bend and adjust them after).  Cover them with another glue dot.
 10. Stick the spider in place catching the hanging end of the wire.
 11.  Lastly, run a bead of plain liquid crafters glue around the edge of the hat brim.
 12. Dip the edge in the glitter to cover the whole edge.

 12. Now if you want to put some treats inside then once the hat is dry stick the candy inside the hat.
 13. Cover the opening with a piece of tissue paper (that way it is easy to get into to get the prize).
 A perfect Halloween party favor for parties, birthdays, school or work.

Happy creepy and cute crafting.
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  1. Love them - thank you - I was thinking about having a few of my daughters friends over for some pumpkin fun this will be great to send them home with


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