Jan 24, 2009

Make up pouches

This is a cute little idea to go along with the kleenex pouches that I made. (see the following post). I also found this idea at Skip to my Lou. I just want to quickly put in a plug for this website. She has such great ideas especially for homemade gifts. There are a variety of styles and levels of crafts. For anyone who loves crafts you have to check it out.

Anyway I was in the mood for a quick and easy little craft. I made the Kleenex pouches first and then with some of the left over material decided to try a few of these. You can find the tutorial on the website under homemade gifts in the "gifts for her purse" section. It is called a box pouch. I will not repeat the tutorial here. It does require sewing and some knowledge of sewing zippers but it is not too hard for a beginner sewer.

I tought they went really cute with the kleenex pouches and would be a great gift together. I think they are the most adorable little purses ever (and I love purses). The one thing that I did differently than the tutorial was that I cut my two outside pieces and then I cut 2 inside pieces (the same size) in a contrasting material. I put them together (wrong sides together) and attached them both to the zipper at the same time. This makes the pouch a bit more stable and the inside looks cute too.I used some old zippers my mom had around. The great thing about these is that you can use a bigger zipper than your fabric (the tutorial shows you how). I was amazed at how well they held their shape. I was sure the one on the tutorial had been stuffed to look "boxy" but it wasn't. They just hold their shape on their own. (well not when they are smashed in your purse)
Here is my make up pouch and my matching kleenex pouch. See wouldn't this be a cute little gift?
My whole Thursday craft night collection.
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  1. I think these are so cute! You make really cute things and I am way impressed! Next time we come there we need to do some crafts and hang out for an afternoon. :)

  2. Oh, these are adorable! Once I have the baby I need to come spend some time with you and have you teach me how to sew. Or perhaps I can sign up for the sewing camp this summer?!!! :)

  3. You are sooooo creative. How do you find the time? They're really cute!!!

  4. These turned out really cute! I wish I knew where you found the time.

  5. Way cute Heather! You are quite the craft woman! We will have to get together sometime so you can give me lessons!


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