Jan 5, 2009

Our little small fry

Daddy is currently trying to wrangle our little monkey and get her to fall asleep so I am taking a moment to highlight our little small fry. My dad nicknamed Allie "small fry" from pretty much the first time he met her. My dad is good at giving kids nick names. I think it is cute.
Here are just a few pictures of this little sweetie we are blessed to call our own. She is adorable and brilliant.
"Aren't there any more presents?"
Allie with her first dolly

Allie reading the mail with Grandpa Sam

"Look at all these presents"

Allie and a gift from Grammy

Allie in the dress Daddy picked out himself for her for Christmas
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  1. Allie looks like she had a fun Christmas! Happy New Year to All!

  2. SO adorable! This little blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty just gets cuter and cuter every day, doesn't she?! Glad you guys had such a great Christmas.

  3. Looks and sounds like you had a fun Christmas and good time visiting your family but glad to have you all home safe.


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