Jan 5, 2009

The perfect quote

I was reading in the Nov. 2008 Ensign and came across the perfect quote. Well it perfectly describes how I feel from time to time. It is by Elder Richard G. Scott. He said,
Does anyone else ever feel this way? I find myself thinking of far more things that I need and/or want to do than I can possibly get to and that is frustrating and discouraging sometimes. I have however found a solution that helps me to not get overwhelmed. I made this plan for myself a couple of months after Allie was born. I found myself never feeling like I was accomplishing anything. I decided that I needed to focus on only a few things a day. So this is what I came up with:
Monday: House cleaning and laundry
Tuesday: Food storage and organization (this includes baking and cooking...well I do that everday but I mean big batches and stuff for the freezer. In the appropriate months this means canning too.)
Wednesday: Inside and outside house projects (not cleaning...okay well maybe a load of laundry or something and of course dishes are done every day)
Thursday: Crafts and sewing (this is the day that I still have to fight with myself to not interupt with something else but I am getting there)
Fridays and Saturdays are not scheduled because I often go with Greg on ball trips or we go out of town or something. I usually try and do crafts again on Sat while Greg can wrangle small fry.
This really helped me because now when it is Wed or Thur and the floor needs vaccuming I tell myself that it will have to wait until Monday. My new years resolution is to stick to this plan and refine it even more.
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  1. Okay, sorry for all of the comments, but you're such a good little blogger, I can't help myself! Heath, this is such a great idea my friend. I think most women do feel this way and I know for me, with the new baby coming I feel like this more than ever...so I love this idea of yours and I think I am going to steal it! Thanks so much for sharing!


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