May 7, 2009

Are you having popsicle weather?

We are having Popsicle weather here and I love it. I also love these easy homemade Popsicles. The recipe has been around for a while but maybe you haven't ever come across it. If not, you must give these a try. They are tasty, no-drip (yes that is right, no drip--well maybe if left in the sun for a while they will drip, never had one last very long), and they are soft which is great for people like me that have a hard time biting into a hard, cold Popsicle. Plus you can make pretty much whatever flavor combination you like. Here is my version of the recipe. If you make this version you will end up with the soft, easy to bite Popsicle.

1 pack kool-aid or other flavored drink mix any flavor you like (you can use the already sweetened kind, but we never buy that kind so I add sugar myself, or use the sugar free kind)
1 cup sugar
1 6 0z package of jello any flavor you like.
2 cups boiling water
1 1/2 cups cold water

Dissolve drink mix, sugar and jello powder in boiling water. Stir until completely dissolved. Add cold water and stir. Pour into Popsicle mold or small paper cups. Place in freezer and freeze until Popsicles are firm enough to insert Popsicle sticks. (note, at first this will set up just like jello. As it freezes completely it will become more icy) This makes about 7 or 8 small paper cup Popsicles. Enjoy.

The great thing about these is you can play around with the flavor combinations. The ones in the picture are melon splash jello with watermelon kiwi kool aid. Pretty much any 2 flavors work.

If you don't like the texture of these, and want a firmer Popsicle (which is still supposed to be no drip), replace the 6 oz package of jello with a 3 oz one and leave everything else the same.
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  1. Those look yummy! =)

  2. I linked to this too! These sound delish! We will make them A LOT this summer!

  3. My mom made these for me years ago. She used the old-timey Tupperware popsicle holders to do it. This brings back memories! -Karen


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