Feb 15, 2011

Binkie Bag Tutorial

I was hoping to be picked up as a guest blogger by another blog and was saving this to share then, but no such luck so I will post it here for all you fabulous readers.  This one is purely my genius so I have put my name all over it.  I am sure someone will copy it as theirs and sell it on Etsy but so you all know, this pattern was originally mine.

1 fat quarter (and actually less if you just want to use scraps but if you are going to go out and buy fabric don't buy more than a fat quarter)
Same amount of fabric for the lining (could be printed or plain).
1 piece of Velcro (both sides)
1. Cut all pieces according to pattern.  You will also cut a 10 1/2" x 2" strip for the handle
2.  Place all pieces right sides together. 
2. Sew flap pieces together with an 1/8" seam.
3. Turn, press and top stitch as close to the edge as possible.
4. Press the handle piece in half lengthwise.
5. Open it up and press each half in to meet the center crease.
6. Now press it in half again (it should now be a 1/4 of the width you started with).
7. Topstitch down both sides.
8. Fold the handle piece in half and...
place in between the two outer pieces.  Fold it back so that it won't get caught in the other side seam.  You will want it to hang over the edge a bit.
9.  Pin the other outer piece over top (sandwiching the handle piece in between).
10.  Sew a 1/4" seam (I do a backstitch over where the handle is attached to make it stronger) and trim with pinking shears.  Turn right side out.

11.  Now sew the lining pieces together only leave an opening at the bottom (backstitch on both sides of the opening).
12.  Lay the flap piece on one side of the outer pocket and pin to hold it in place (match the top, raw edges).  Place the whole outer pocket with flap attached inside the lining (right sides together).  Pin the top edge, matching your side seams.
13. Sewn around the top edge with a 1/4" seam.
14. Now turn right side out through the opening (should look like this).
15.  Tuck in the edges on the opening.  Stitch closed and tuck down inside.
16.  Attach velcro pieces to the flap and pocket.
17.  Add a cute embellishment on the outside if you choose and...
TADA!!!! You have a cute little binkie bag.
And look what I learned to do (now it is easier than ever to get the pattern).
Binkie Bag

Happy crafting!!
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  1. Past the binkie stage here... but wouldn't it make a great little bag for notes, permission slips etc. on a child's backpack?

  2. Oh ya, it could totally be used for something other than a binkie.

  3. Cute ideas Heather! I love checking our your website each morning I get to school to see what kind of cute things you are doing for the day! Keep up the amazing work, my friend. Natalie

  4. cute idea! I'm going to need one of these in the future!

  5. That is too cute...I have to try making that for a baby shower that i need to go to coming up...I love it! Thanks for all the detailed pics!

  6. Great job! Thanks for hopping with FaveCrafts. Can we publish your tutorial? Let me know if you're interested! Can't wait to see what you post in next month's hop :)

  7. This is just adorable. I am expecting in August and love to sew. It was so easy and just took minutes to sew up. what a great idea.

  8. Very cute! This would be a great baby shower gift.

  9. I love this. I am going to try it.

  10. Hi what is the measurements of the bag? When I print it off it comes out small. thanks

  11. I cannot get the pattern to print. Any ideas?

  12. Hi,
    I am trying to print the pattern and cannot get it to work. Can you help?

  13. I did a right click on the picture and then went to print picture. That worked for me. But for some reason it prints slightly smaller than the original size. The size it prints as will work too but my original size was about an inch bigger all the way around. And sorry I haven't replyed sooner or to you Mary (if you are even still around) but my own blog won't let me comment. SO DUMB. Hope this helps.
    Small Fry & co.

  14. I made this today! Thanks for the great tutorial! My Sister In Law is going to LOVE it!!!


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