May 27, 2009

Introducing Chef Gregorio

A.K.A. my great husband Greg but when he is grilling outside he becomes "chef Gregorio: Master of the grill." Tonight he tried a new recipe he saw online. He made the hamburger patties from fresh ground beef then wrapped them in strips of bacon and grilled them to perfection. I bet everyone on the block was salivating while he was cooking. The combo of bacon cooking, burgers cooking and just that wonderful barbeque aroma was filling the air (and our house. Note to self: keep doors and windows closed while grilling these burgers. The bacon produces extra grease.) The flavor was amazing and he really outdid himself tonight. I think the pictures can speak for themselves. I have a big crush on Chef Gregorio. Just wanted the world to know.
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  1. Something about men and grills, I call my husband "Bobby" when he starts cooking (for Bobby Flay :) Gotta love a man who can cook, a lot can be done with a grill.


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