May 5, 2009

Small fry makes mud pies

Well it is official, small fry discovered her first mud puddle in our garden while I was watering. She splashed her little hand in it and that was all it took. It was love at first splash. If I would have let her I am sure she would have swam in it like a little piggy. Needless to say she was not impressed when I brought her inside and cleaned her off. (the pictures are taken when I successfully moved her to the carport where I could get my camera handy)
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  1. Oh you are a good mom. Although I would completely let my children do that...I would be stressed the whole time :)

  2. I love spring and summer, because it seems less messy when they get dirty, something about the sun that makes it okay :) Way to let her explore!!

  3. You are a better mom than me! I would probably be freaking out about their clothes getting dirty. I have to admit, I am getting better about letting Cooper play in the dirt. As long as, he isn't wearing nce clothes!


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