Jun 14, 2009


We went on our ward camping trip this weekend. I took very few pictures but wanted to post a few (to let you know small fry survived her first camping trip) along with a recap of the weekend using this list of words:





lots of blankets

smallfry in a snowsuit to sleep

very little sleep for mom

good food cooked by my husband

eating rocks

eating dirt

too cold to swim

shooting pain in my arms

arms going numb

emergency room date with my husband at 1:30 am

extremely sleepless night

unable to lift or grasp much of anything

finally the sun

packing up the tent, the dirt, sticks, mud and rocks


finally a bath for smallfry

my bed

thank heavens.

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1 comment:

  1. Well sounds like an experience. I am assuming the emergency visit turned out okay? I hope so. We love Camping!!


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