Jun 14, 2009

Sewing camp report

This last week were the final days of sewing camp. I was glad to have it over with. The girls were really great and had a lot of fun and did a wonderful job. I just had a lot going on so it was extra tiring for me. I am really thankful to the wonderful bloggers out there who helped inspire me with the ideas and for the great websites I found as well. The girls were really excited about every project that we did. They all took patterns and instructions home with them and I know they will be sewing more of these things. Here are a few pictures of the sewing projects. We also did some paper crafts but I didn't get those captured. There was just too much going on.

Here are the fabric belts they made.

Here are the owl pillows.

Here are the "Charlie bags". I love these fabrics.

And here are their headbands. This was their favorite project. Thanks a million girls. It was really fun.

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