Jun 5, 2009

Sewing Camp Projects

This week I started my sewing camp here in my home. I only have 4 girls but they have been really great and excited about the projects and they are doing a great job. I wanted to post some pictures of the things we are making. I forgot to take pictures of their finished projects but I have pictures of the samples I made. Here is what we have done.
First we made this Charlie Bag. It has mostly straight seams and only 2 tricky curved seams as the last step. It was a great project for them to get started with.

Next we made these reversible headbands. These don't require very much material and are easy to make. The girls were so excited to get them finished so they could wear them. Third we started on this pieced fabric belt. I love this project. It can be made with scraps, you don't have to worry about perfectly straight sewing and it is easy. They didn't quite get finished with theirs so we will be finishing this project next week when we meet. I love the designs and color combinations they came up with. I had a hard time finding belt buckles at a store nearby that would work so I ended up going to the thrift store and found 4 belts for a 1.00 each and just cut the buckles off of them.Lastly we are going to make this cute owl pillow. I wasn't intending to make this project but as I was searching the internet for bag patterns I some how came across this pattern. It is designed for beginner sewers though it is a bit more detailed. I am not even an owl fan, though I know they are popular right now but I couldn't resist. Isn't this super cute?
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  1. Cute! I may have to steal some of these projects to keep my girls busy this summer!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I have a church group of 8-11 year old girls who are begging to learn how to sew, they will love the head bands.

  3. I wish I could be at your sewing camp. I am not a sewer, but really want to be, and I love fabrics, and such crafty things--I just need a BOOST!!


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