Jun 18, 2009

Where is your poopitz?

When I was little my dad would teach us the names of various body parts in Ukrainian which is the language he grew up speaking. Our favorite by far was the word for belly button which is poopitz (I have no idea how to really spell that word). At least that is what we grew up knowing it as. So naturally as I am teaching small fry her body parts I would have to teach her poopitz. She knows head, mouth, nose, ear, tummy and feet and now she knows poopitz too. I am sure most of you are not interested in this but I happen to know a few family members and friends who will be excited to know there is another child in the world that knows her poopitz. Also thanks to my husband for bearing his poopitz to the world wide web. I don't think he knew I was planning on posting this. Love you honey.

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  1. Hi thanks for visiting me...your daughter is adorable (I'm sure you have heard that about a million times!) I enjoyed reading about your sewing camp...that is something I have thought about doing too!



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