Jun 18, 2009

Deceptive and Delicious

Have you ever heard of this book? I saw Jessica Seinfeld on Oprah talking about her book and I was really interested in checking it out but that was a year ago and I never got it done. I was lucky though because my husband remembered me saying I wanted it and he bought it for me for Mothers Day. Basically what she does is makes vegetable purees from steamed vegetables and fruit purees that she then adds into regular meals that she makes and she comes out with food that is good tasting and good for you. A sneaky way to get extra fruits and vegetables into your kids. She isn't against giving them regular veggies; she does that too. Small fry is a pretty good eater but sometimes I find it hard to get her enough vegetables cause they are hard for little kids to eat (so many are too crunchy if they aren't cooked) and she needs variety. Anyway I have tried only a couple of recipes so far but so far so good. I first made banana bread that had cauliflower puree in it. I don't like banana flavored anything but my husband said it was really good and small fry gobbled it up. Today I tried making chicken nuggets with broccoli puree and flax seed meal. They were soooooo good. I must admit they were kind of tricky to make (keeping the coating on while frying them) and I would make them in much smaller pieces next time so they will cook faster but I would do it all again because they were so good. The taste was familiar to me for some reason. Small fry loved them and ate up every bite I gave her. Here is what our lunch looked like. I made potato chips in the microwave (I have a post about that somewhere on this blog), chicken nuggets and grape tomatoes. I am looking forward to trying more recipes. I highly recommend the book. I am not going to post the recipe for the chicken nuggets but if anyone wants to give them a try before buying the book leave a comment and I will get you that recipe so you can see for yourself. (Note: they look a little extra brown because my pieces were too big and took a long time to cook. Little is better for chicken frying success I have finally come to accept)
One other easy and deceptive food idea. This one is courtesy of my husband. I wanted to make waffles this morning (from a mix because it is easy) and there were just 2 of us having them. I used 1 cup of mix and to that I added 1 individual portion sized packet of instant oatmeal (mine was brown sugar maple flavor). Then add the oil and water, mix and bake em. The flavor is great, and you can add some extra fiber to your breakfast. Deceptive and delicious.
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  1. I got the book for Christmas 2 years ago. I also tried the nuggets first, and the banana bread :) I also have made the fruit bars with the granola, jam, spinach etc, not sure the exact recipe title. They were pretty good. I did some of the muffins too. I will have to go through it again. I did spend one weekend, making a bunch of purees so I could have them on hand. It worked for a while. The Mac N Cheese was interesting, and the Sloppy Joes were okay :) Love your pancake tip
    Good Luck!!


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