Aug 1, 2009

Binkie Clip Tutorial

I know that these are nothing new but in case you haven't seen them before or haven't come across a tutorial for them before I am here to help. I made a bunch of these to sell in my booth for our upcoming Melon Days festival. Here is what I did.

1st Cut a piece of ribbon 12 inches long. I guess the length is not really important as long as you allow extra for folding and sewing.

2nd Attach your snaps to one end. First I attached the connecting end about 2 inches down from the end of the ribbon. This has to be placed on the wrong side of the ribbon.

Here is what the other side looks like.

This is the tool I used for attaching these. This is the "ancient" version that my mom had in her sewing drawer. I believe that there is a much simpler version of this same tool available now. I never thought it would be something that I would want, but actually these snaps are super easy to attach with the right tool and it is so convenient.
3rd Fold down the end of the ribbon twice (the fold should be just wider than the snap). Attach the receiving end of the snap on top of the folds. Make sure it is on the same side as the connecting end. This is the part of the clip that will go around the binkie. NOTE: these will not work with every type of binkie. The kind that small fry has won't work with these snaps. I have the instructions for what to do for her kind of binkie below)

This is how it will look when snapped together.
4th Now for the clip part (the part that you clip to the babies clothes, bib etc). I found some of these at the fabric store but they were $2.00 for 2 of them. So instead I went to the thrift store and bought 3 pairs of suspenders for $2.50 and got 12 of them. I just cut the suspenders off and I had a bunch of clips.
5th To attach the clip thread the ribbon around the clip making sure that you have the right side of the clip and the right side of the ribbon facing the same way. Fold the end of the ribbon under and sew. I always fold my ribbon end under and catch it with my stitching so that I won't have any unraveling (a favorite for ribbon).
How it looks from the right side. And that is it. It is complete and finished.
Here is what it looks like attached to the binkie.

Now if your child has a binkie like my daughters (one that only has a little hole to attach anything to) you will need to create a loop end instead of the snaps end. To do this fold under the end of the ribbon (opposite of the clip side) twice and then down at least an inch and a 1/4 more. It depends on how large your clip is. This loop has to be big enough for the clip to fit through. Sew along the bottom fold (where my fingers are in the picture)
This is how this kind looks when attached to a binkie. This is not small fry's binkie. Do you think she would give it up for a photo shoot?

Happy clip making.
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  1. I made one of these a while back and the ribbon frayed within days of completing it. Any advice on what type of ribbon to use?

  2. I need one of these Heather. Are you going to make some for boys too?

  3. I use grograin (is that how it is spelled) ribbon. The one I use for my daughter is holding up well. Did you notice the folding under the ends tips perhaps that might help. I have all the ends tucked under and sewn in. Maybe that will help.

  4. I think it is grosgain ribbon. Well however the heck you spell it.


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