Jul 30, 2009

Baby swimming pool product review

I saw this pool when we were at Wal-Mart in Canada. It looked perfect for small fry to use in our backyard. We have a kiddie pool but it is not something she can explore in by herself with out holding onto someones hand all the time. This however is designed for 18 month olds and looked perfect for her. I haven't looked at Wal-Mart here (the USA) to see if they have the same thing. But if they do or if you are in Canada and can find this I highly recommend it. This pool is perfect for beginner water exploration. It only holds about 3 inches of water; just enough to splash in but not so much that she has to hold onto my hand the whole time. Small fry can get in and out by herself and she loves to drink from the spraying water. It has too be attached to a hose and have water running but really for little kids they want to play in it for about 10 minutes maybe so I figure running the water for that long is worth it. Plus she doesn't like it to spray hard so you hardly have to turn the water on. The box shows 4 kids in it at once but I can't conceivably see more than 2 playing together in it. Mom or dad can be there to help with the whale slide and watch and otherwise it is very conducive for independent exploration. I am really impressed and highly recommend this pool to other parents of 15 -18 month olds.

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  1. Oh man this looks fun. Zach would have loved it, I wish we could have found time to come down and play in it with Allie. It seemed that when one kid wasn't napping the other was, or there was just too many mosquitos!


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