Dec 12, 2012

Peg Doll Nativity Clothing Tutorial

I found the original idea for this fantastic and simple nativity at Little Inspirations (click on the picture below to go to the post).  I loved everything about it instantly and new I had to make a set.  My plan is to make a set for each of my kids (someday).
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I found a set of peg dolls at Hobby Lobby for $2.99.  The set includes enough peg dolls to make all your characters minus the baby (and I used a wooden clothes pin for that).  When it came time to make the characters it was not quiet as easy as I thought it would be.  Even though they are simple, figuring out how to make everything so that you can tell what it is and have it look good was a bit tricky.  So I decided to save you all a little work and write a tutorial to make my version of the peg doll nativity clothing, inspired 100% by the blog: Little Inspirations.
 I have included a link to the pattern at the end of this tutorial.  There is a chance that this pattern could print slightly smaller than it was originally drawn.  I think it is a computer issue because our old computer used to print everything smaller but our new computer gives me the option to change the print size and that doesn't happen any more.  So just beware.  Cut one piece first and double check that it fits before cutting everything.  You may have to cut slightly bigger.
After you have cut everything then the assembly is really pretty basic.
Here are my basic wise men outfits.
 To dress the dolls I just hot glued one end of fabric to the body, wrapped the fabric around and secured with more hot glue.
 To make the crowns I created a little circle first (secured with glue) and then ran a small bead of glue around the inside bottom and attached it to the head.
 I added a tie around the waist and a robe.
 Behold: The Wise men
 I dressed Mary the same as the wise men and added a tie (embroidery floss) around her waist.  To attach her head covering I first ran a bead of glue down the straight part of the head covering fabric.  I folded that over her head and down the sides of her body.
 Then I attached the back with a little dab of glue.
 Then I made a couple of little folds also held down with glue
Behold: Mary
 Joseph is dressed the same way as Mary only I folded the back of his head covering a bit different.  His belt is made from a piece of garden twine.
 Behold: Joseph
 Behold: The Shepherds (head coverings are made of burlap with garden twine belts)
 Behold : The Angel ( I didn't want to give the angel wings because I do believe in angels but I don't believe they have wings so instead I gave the angel a bit of a different robe-one that was more flowy.  I did give the angel a halo just to make sure it was recognizable as an angel).
 For the baby Jesus I cut off the top part of a rounded clothes pin.  This was done very sloppily with a not too sharp saw so pretty much anyone can do it.
 Behold: The baby Jesus (wrapped in swaddling clothes-I used the basic head covering pattern to cut this piece)
 The Nativity: simple and sweet.  Perfect for kids to play with and not break.  The simplicity is perfect and humble I think.
 "Oh come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord."

Peg Doll Nativity Clothing
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  1. I've been wanting to do this for a few months now after finding the same photo. Just need to locate some pegs. Great job


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