Dec 13, 2012

Masking Sticker Gift Tags

I have had a super exciting new opportunity open up to me in the world of blogging: a sponsor.  It is a bloggers dream come true.  WHOLEPORT has been fabulous enough to include Small Fry & Co. in their blog sponsorship program and what that means for me is that I get the the privilege of sampling their products and sharing them with all of you.

This is the first product that I want to tell you all about: Masking Stickers.  
 These come in a set of 27 little sheets of precut, decorative sticker strips.  Each sheet includes a row of circles as well as 2 rows of narrow stickers.  They are as simple to use as peeling and sticking.  The price is $2.79 a set, with a $1.70 for shipping.  That is an EXCELLENT deal.
I apologize, but I was working with them at night and got  super carried away creating and didn't get a picture of the sheets in their complete form.  Here is the "see how much I have used so far" picture instead.  This is my favorite color pack by the way.  It is the pastel pack

This is the basic set and as you can see I found plenty of uses for it as well.
 Here is a quick and easy project I came up with using the tape strips: gift tags.  Do you ever go to a party only to announce at the gift opening time "that one in the pink bag with the tissue paper is from me.  I didn't have a tag or card"?  Well I do that all the time.  Now I have myself a little stash of tags to use in just such occasions   I made birthday, Christmas, Valentines Day, get well and baby versions.  They are so easy to use and with so many colors and designs to choose from in one pack there are endless possibilities.  The only advice I have about the product is that you have to handle the sticky side as little as possible because it loses it's stick if you are fiddling around with it too much, but now that you have some ideas you won't need to fiddle-you can just create.
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  1. How fun! It looks like it is kind of like Washi Tape. Have you ever used that? Love your tags! :)

  2. Preciosas!!! originales!!!


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