Dec 14, 2012

The perfect Needle for Kids

This is not a life changing tutorial by any means but it might come in handy for a teacher, a mom and definitely  kids.  My friend and I were planning a home preschool day and having our kids decorate mini Christmas trees.  We wanted to give them some colored pasta and beads to make a garland for their trees.  This idea came into my head to make a kid friendly and safe "needle" to use for stringing.  It still helps with hand-eye coordination but gives a child with fumbly fingers a much easier way to string beads (or anything else).
To make one cut a length of pipe cleaner (mine was about 3 and a 1/4 inches long).  Fold down one end to create a hook.
Now wrap that around the straight part to create a little loop (wrap it a couple of times so that it will not easily pull out).
Run a piece of string or yarn through that loop and knot it.  If you want to reuse the needle then tie the string to itself and knot it.
Don't forget to add something to the end of your string to prevent all the beads etc. from coming off.
Then let your kiddos string away. 
This really made it less frustrating for the kids to string things.  Even my little pumpkin (who's 3) and my friends daughter who is 2 could string things much easier.  My kids usually get frustrated and give up-now we have a solution to that problem and they can craft away.
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  1. This is such a clever idea! I've been using a darning needle with my 4 year old but I'll definitely be trying this next time we do beads.


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