Aug 29, 2009

A bit of This and That

Just checking in to the blogging world to report I have been busy with this and that and a bit of everything it feels like. Here are a couple of pictures of some things I have been up to as well as a few small fry pictures for fun.

Baby diaper card sets for Melon Days.
Some baby onesies for Melon Days. The designs on these were cut out using a Cricut machine (not my own, but my mother in laws). To make them I ironed a piece of Heat N Bond to the wrong side of my fabric and then cut that fabric piece to fit in the Cricut. I found however that you have to put the fabric in the Cricut with the paper backing of the Heat N Bond right side up and I also learned that it doesn't work too well on flannel. But there are a lot of cute designs that you can cut with a Cricut so I love this idea.

One of the latest burp cloth cupcake sets. I am going to try and box some up this afternoon so I will make sure to take a picture of that too. If you are interested in a tutorial on how to make this check the blog U Create on Sept 18th because I am going to be guest blogging and sharing the tutorial. I am so excited. What a great opportunity.
And now for a few small fry pictures:
I think we may have a girl who likes dress-ups.
A silly swimsuit moment.
Look at this gorgeous face. How did I get such a cute girl. Look at those eyes!!
A silly small fry face with wide eyes. She has been doing this wide eye thing for a while. So adorable.
Small fry and Daddy at the baseball game
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  1. You have been busy! You are going to have a lot of cute things to sell at melon days.
    I love Allie's big eyes!

  2. You've been tagged! Check the details on my blog at


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